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Two beaches

Honestly, this is the best place on earth!
Right in front of the Pacific and the coastal mountains in the back, while bald eagles circle above, what else is there to miss? Breathe in fresh first-hand air, forage for blackberries, mushrooms or catch a salmon - the unique taste of the land has been interpreted and re-arranged by excellent restaurants in town. Spectacular views that keep changing, with new color pallets time and weather dependent, let you experience the known time and time new again. Go take a stroll among ancient cedars on the Wild Pacific Trail or along an empty beach, go surfing or explore the town, the possibilities are endless.

In the middle of it all is Two Beaches Guest Suites, our sustainable boutique accommodation. When we planned and designed the suites, it was to create a space much like we would want to stay in ourselves. With our backgrounds in European Design and Art Trade, the result is a unique blend of contemporary design and architecture.

We recognize the importance of sustainability, which is why we pledged to operate our accommodation in a ecofriendly way. From recycled toilet paper, biodegradable garbage bags, refillable amenities such as soap, granola and fresh-ground coffee, led lights, bag-less vacuums and biodegradable cleaners, we do what we can to lessen the environmental impact. This also extends to the ways to get here, which is why we installed a level 2 EV charger, complimentary for our guest to use. Our building's insulation also exceeds the building code and an air-to-water heat pump system, tied into a 6" concrete slab with large windows for solar gain reduces energy usage.

Amenities & Services


Free Wi-Fi access 

 Complimentary breakfast essentials

Bespoke contemporary design

Concierge services

Smoke free, pet free

Level 2 EV charging

Cryptocurrencies accepted

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