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Storm watching

Winter Storm watching


When slate grey skies are brewing over the largest body of water on planet earth, it is time to change from your autumn attire into something more hardy - Storm Season has arrived! 

Gale force winds stir the Pacific, driving gigantic waves against our rugged shoreline. The air is filled with salty ocean spray, giving you a taste of what mother nature has in store for us. Crying seagulls are out to play, while soggy bald eagles hunker-down, waiting for this storm season to pass.

This is the season everybody has longed-for after a busy summer and golden autumn.


the proving ground

Ucluelet truly is the word-class location to witness the power of the elements. No other community provides such ideal conditions to safely watch the winter storms. Our very own Wild Pacific Trail is largely recognized to be THE location to witness enormous waves crashing into our rocky shoreline. High above the weaves, the trail lets you experience nature's force and ocean views from safe vantage points, perched over cliffs or tucked-away among the weathered shore pines. This is where you literally can feel the explosive energy released by tons of water hitting the shoreline. Wave after wave releases salty ocean spray into the stormy sky, complementing the auditory, visual stimuli with olfactory and gustatory sensations.

If you prefer the little-less up-close and personal approach, the endless beaches of the Pacific Rim National Park are another majestic option to witness the winter storms in an entirely different setting. Here, waves whip-up sea foam, what the wind carries high into the sky, driving it across the beaches onto the headlands. Logs tumble in the whitewash, just to re-arrange themselves in picturesque ways between each high-tide. 


base camp​

With heated concrete floors and super comfy premier hybrid beds crafted by Purple, you will rejuvenate between outings like nowhere else. Warm up in our walk-in rain-shower and sip on your fave beverage while watching the sky fly by. Let the rain sing you a lullaby, to ready yourself for tomorrow's adventure.

Even in the off-season, we have plenty of fabulous breakfast and dining options in town, which are a 15 min walk or 5 min drive away. Terrace Beach and Little Beach, which flank the property and the Wild Pacific Trail are only a minute stroll away. Tofino and it's trove of activities is a quick 35 min drive along the endless beaches and trails of the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve.

We look forward to host you - Please send us a line, should you wish to make Two Beaches your base camp for an extended period of time. 

Please be CoastSmart and download their app to help you navigate our shoreline safe and sustainable way:

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